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See James Fuhrman's Outdoor Sculpture, A Circle of Time

(c) 2012 John Meyer James Fuhrman with group

Through May 2013, the lawn near Pendle Hill's Barn is the setting for James Fuhrman's outdoor installation, A Circle of Time. This oak installation, prepared in 2011, is designed to create "a still and quiet, contemplative space" which visitors to Pendle Hill can enter. Here Pendle Hill students and staff hear James Fuhrman introduce his work.

(c) 2012 John Meyer James Fuhrman with sculpture

The artist notes: "in form and shape, the elements are a series of three-dimensional, gestural strokes, as if from the ink of a calligraphy brush in a Japanese enso circle form. The strokes enwrap each other in an embrace that holds viewers within them. The focus of meditation is in the open spaces - between the objects. It is like a Japanese koan - asking more than telling."

The artist envisions the work as "viewer-centered," with the bench inviting participation. The installation will change over the yearlong time frame as the natural setting changes with the seasons, weather, and time of day.

For more information on the artist and his work, visit his website.

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