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Advancement Fellow

Reports to: Director for Advancement

General Summary

The Advancement Fellow is a member of the Advancement team, responsible for outreach and engagement of current and potential donors of Pendle Hill. The purpose of this position is to augment the staff team in its relationship building efforts, to achieve a greater connection with current and potential donors, and to provide an opportunity for a highly motivated individual to develop or further his/her skills in the field of Advancement.

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Reports to: Dining Services Manager

General Summary

The Cook/Gardener, under the supervision of the Dining Services Manager, cooks and also designs and institutes a working relationship between Pendle Hill’s organic garden and its commercial community kitchen.  This includes the incorporation of our garden produce and outside local foods, the storage of the harvest, and the use of our community labor.  Our goal is to foster and sustain a holistic, cost-effective, land-centered food ethic that would nurture, in body and spirit, the Pendle Hill community and that would be in accordance with our food philosophy and Quaker Testimonies.  The Cook/Gardener position is split between the garden and the kitchen; the responsibilities and how they are divided will vary greatly with the season and the needs of the kitchen staff.
Apropos to the season, the Cook/Gardener shares in the responsibility for planning and cooking three meals a day, year round, for a community that varies in size from approximately 30 to 120 persons. The variance in the number of meals is due to fluctuations in our customer base for conferences and retreats, in addition to our resident community of staff and students.

While the Director of Operations is responsible for the long-term strategy of kitchen/dining services, and the Dining Services Manager has the major responsibility for day-to-day kitchen management and supervision, all cooking staff plan and work as a team with shared responsibilities as assigned by the Manager.

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Non-discrimination Policy

Pendle Hill encourages the participation of all and seeks to appoint to its staff individuals of diverse backgrounds and to do so without discrimination on the basis of gender, race, color, age, sexual orientation or national origin.

Background Checks

Pendle Hill will conduct a background check for all positions.

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