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"Myth and Memory" Exhibit in Barn features work by Kevin Convery

Kevin Convery

From June 1 through August 31, 2010, the Barn at Pendle Hill is the setting for an exhibition of art by Kevin Convery, entitled Myth and Memory.

"I am a native of Pennsylvania, and studied painting at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and Rome, Italy. Since my student years I have had an intense interest in the world of myth, symbolism and the unconscious.

"Much of my work finds its sources in the work of writers such as Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, as well as in poetry and the vast legacy of world mythology (though I find the greatest affinity with myself in the stories of the Greeks, Celts and Nordic peoples).

The Bitter Sea - Calypso

The Bitter Sea - Calypso, oil

"I find it fascinating how the inner, psychic landscape reflects onto everyday experiences with the perennial themes of desire and destiny, death and regeneration, love and loss. Toward this end I also use the familiar terrain around me as setting: the rocky slopes of the Appalachians in Tennessee where I spent ten years, the streets of Moscow, Russia where I worked as a book illustrator, and the countryside of Pennsylvania. Like tributaries feeding a river, the elements of myth, poetry, everyday surroundings, memory and personal experience flow together into images which, if successful, will call up something from the realm of soul in which we all share."

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