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People come to Pendle Hill for many reasons.

The Resident Program integrates three components – worship, work, and study – within the context of a Quaker community. Students choose Pendle Hill for a variety of reasons:


  • to expand their knowledge and skill base
  • to deepen their faith or spiritual grounding
  • to build capacity in social movements
  • to achieve clarity during a sabbatical or personal transition
  • to learn to live deeply into the Quaker testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Equality, Community, and Stewardship.

Resident students come from around the world to learn experientially in our living laboratory with the support of our diverse community. Though some students come for one or two terms, we encourage residence for a full program year (fall, winter, and spring terms) so that the cumulative benefit of the courses and workshops in all three terms can be attained.

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Student Experience


Pendle Hill’s Resident Program is unique and powerful. Why? Students come to live, learn, and work in spiritual community and experience themselves and others in new ways. The Resident Program is supported by worship at the beginning and ending of each day. Each student has a spiritual nurturer as a companion and resource. Community is enriched by living and working together every day.


Each day begins with half an hour of expectant listening – worship in the manner of Friends. The worship may be enriched by spoken ministry, prayer, or song as the Spirit moves those present. In the quiet waiting, people of diverse faiths experience the Divine in their own ways. In the evenings, a 15-minute “epilogue” provides a reflective moment to savor the experiences of the day.
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Each member of the community shares in the work of the household, particularly around meal times. Shared work expresses our commitment to the community and to each other. In addition, regular Wednesday work mornings support grounds-keeping, maintenance, office, and kitchen work. Some students may work additional hours as part of a financial assistance arrangement.

Students bagging leaves for compost


Courses at Pendle Hill provide opportunities for intellectual stimulation, spiritual deepening, risk-taking, inspiration, and genuine personal transformation. Classes are “meetings for learning” in which students and teacher alike seek to be guided by the Inner Teacher and help to build an engaged learning community. Resident students may also enrich their term study with weekend workshops from our offerings within the Short Term Education Program (STEP). Some students undertake an independent study project with a focus such as writing, planning a new organization, creating intra-Quaker dialogue, devising a curriculum of their own, social action work, or offering a lecture. Spiritual nurturers or others in the community are available to support and guide these projects.
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Worship and study find expression in service and social witness. Pendle Hill's educational program supports a "contemplative/active" community where we strive to live the Quaker testimonies concerning peace, integrity, equality, and simplicity.

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"Finding balance and developing the art of self-care have been significant in my experience. I am learning to honor both passion and discipline."

– Genevieve Wimp-McCann '07

Genevieve Wimp-McCann

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